This is matts test article

This is matts test article

Creating habits that support your goal.

Ok so today I want to talk to you about creating habits that support your goals ok

Now.. your habits are a big give away to your personality. And it can also be a big element to your future. It is a key factor into reaching a new goal, which is why It is so very important that these habits are aligned with you goals. If they are counter-productive, you’re really going to have a hard time and you might wanna change that.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you sign up for a marathon but you don’t make it a habit to run regularly. Well the chances of you winning are going to be pretty slim right? . You’ll only be successful in running that marathon. if you learn to make running a regular habit wont you.?

Ok so. developing habits that are in line with your goals can be much easier than you think and far more powerful than you can imagine! But before you create, new, positive habits, you’re gonna want to check on your goal first. There are specific habits that can guarantee success for every single goal. So by all means reflect on your goals first, then think of ways how you can make yourself consider these attributes for the habits you wanna put into practice:

1. Look for daily habits. The more you practice your habits daily, the more you’ll get used to doing it.. To the point where it will feel stranhge if you dont do whatever it is.

2. Keep it simple. If you think you need to practice a complex habit, don’t act on it right away. Find a way to start with a simpler version of that task and then add in the complexity later. The more complex the task, you are more likely to get tired and give up on it. Its just the way it is. So keep it simple.

3. Be specific. Your habits shouldn’t just be a question of what it is you need to do. In addition ask yourself when, where, and how you wanna do it. Applying a specific period of time is also helpful. For example instead of saying “I’m gonna exercise at least 2 hours per day”. Instead, plan out the whole thing with specifics. For example “I’m gonna workout from 7-8am, every Monday-Friday at the local gym or swimming poool that sort of thing

Ok next be prapared for obstacles now Obstacles are inevitable when it comes to formng a new habit. You might feel like sometimes it’s too tiring to do, or you’re too lazy to it. Try to figure out what your obstacles might be ahead of time so you can think of ways on how to eliminate them as soon as possible. If you’re mastering the habit of living healthy for example, and you’ve decided to eat a healthy breakfast every morning, get rid of all the junk food and the unhealthy snacks in your fridge or in your pantry. Because trust me, one of these days it’ll tempt you and your cravings, and put quitye simply if the chocolate bar isnt in the cupboard you cant eat it can you .

The obstacle may also be a time interference or maybe a person. If you wanna make it a habit to have 30 minutes of meditation before you sleep, then you need to communicated, tell your partner ahead of time that you need to be uninterrupted during this time. To avoid the frustation of your meditation getting messed up.

Next…Look for More Supporting Habits Once you’ve started practicing habits that will help you reach your goal, its time for you to look for supporting habits that will help you accomplish your existing habits even more. So Go deeper into details and don’t be afraid to try out new habits. For example if you plan to cook a healthy breakfast each day at 7am, you can develop this habit by adding some new supporting habits such as:

· Getting out of bed at 5:30am so you’ll have enough time to prepare and cook

· In order for you to wake up at this hour, you need to start the habit of being in bed earlier as well, say, 9:30pm. To Get a good 8 hours of sleep.

Now These supporting habits might only be small but it affects your bigger habits in a big way So think of other supporting habits that you can implement together with your other efforts

Then finally Enjoy Auto pilot You see, this is the good thing about habits. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll do it automatically without dragging yourself into doing it, or convincing yourself that you need to do it. And if these habits are in line with your goal, you’ll automatically move forward, day after day, until you’ll eventually reached your goal.

Just as counter-productive habits can keep you from your long awaited success, supportive habits can practically guarantee your success. So get to it and consider all the habits that you need to work on to reach your goal right now. Put them into action and you’ll be sure to see a clearer view of a successful future in front of you !

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