Certified SMART Goals Coach

“When you know how to set SMART goals you activate your unconscious minds goal getting machine… Success is inevitable.”

What you will learn:

Cerfitied SMART Goals Coach

Full Course
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  • Bonus SMART Flowchart
  • Certificate of Completion

Video Course

Unlimited access to a bestseller video course by a successful international instructor - Matthew Barnett.


Matt's SMART Goal Setting Flowchart that will help you instruct your clients about the art of setting and conquering goals. It will help you inspire them to push themselves to new heights.

Join with 130,000 students in over 185 countries around the globe...

“…When I was younger I used to have a lot of great ideas, however they stayed as that…. just ideas…. it was only when I discovered SMART goals that everything started clicking into place. When you truly understand SMART goals as a process, the success is practically assured. 

Matt Barnett

International coach

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